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This program is currently not accepting applicants.

The MAT program is a technologically rich program in which students master the fundamentals of teaching and become skilled at motivating and helping students learn science and mathematics at deep levels. The program addresses content directly related to the secondary classroom, educational foundations, and specific teaching methods that reflect current research in the field.



More information can be found in this graduate handbook.


Program of Study

The Master of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Science and Secondary Mathematics is a 42-semester hour program that is completed in 13 months and offered in the Greenville area. It consists of innovative on-line courses, significant face-to-face instruction, and more than 100 hours of field experience prior to student teaching.

The program also provides the courses required for initial certification in South Carolina. The program is geared primarily towards adults with a background in science, mathematics, or a related discipline who wish to change careers and enter the teaching field.

The MAT program is composed of three elements: 

  • Core pedagogical course work (18 hours)
  • Content course work (9 hours)
  • Practicum and internship components (15 hours)

The discipline-specific methods courses, practicum and content literacy courses taken in the fall semester require students to complete a field experience in a local public high school, during which they spend two days per week in the assigned placement. During the spring semester, students complete a 15-week directed internship (student teaching) and a capstone seminar.


Application Information

This program is currently not accepting applicants.


Clemson University is proud to offer the National Science Foundation-funded TigersTeach Noyce Scholarship to qualified individuals. Eligible applicants entering the MAT for Secondary Science and Mathematics program can receive up to $12,500. Those interested in applying for a scholarship should contact Leigh Haltiwanger, program coordinator, to determine eligibility and admissions procedures prior to submitting an application for the MAT program. Click here for additional information regarding the Noyce Scholarship.


Program Contact(s)

  • Alison Search
  • Office: University Center of Greenville
  • Phone: (864) 250-8880
  • Email:

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