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The Master of Science in Architecture (MS in Arch.) degree is most appropriate for students who have already completed a B. Arch. or M. Arch. professional degree, or related design degree, and wish to pursue a defined research agenda. The MS program is focused on research and is sometimes preparation for doctoral studies. The MS in Architecture is an intense, research-oriented course of study that requires significant student motivation and self-direction, research, and writing ability. 

For more information, please visit our MS in Architecture website

This program will consider applicants for conditional letters of admission (CLA’s) pending successful completion of an approved English as a Second Language (ESL) program. More information can be found on the Conditional Language Admission page.


More information can be found in this graduate handbook.


Program of Study

As compared to the highly-structured, professional, and NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture degree curriculum, the Master of Science in Architecture curriculum is flexible and individually tailored to the student’s and faculty advisor’s research agendas and specializations. An individual plan of study is developed in collaboration with an appropriate and available advisor. Applicants must identify an interested advisor prior to applying (see application information below and architecture faculty biographies).


The MS in Architecture program currently has four areas of specialization:

Architecture + Health. Visit the Architecture and Health concentration webpage for background information and contact David Allison, Director of Architecture + Health or Dr. Dina Battisto for more information.

Animated Architecture. Visit the Animated Architecture website for background information about design research in advanced materials, systems and information technologies for the built environment and contact Dr. Keith Evan Green for more information.

Community Research + Design. Research in design/build, appropriate technology, community economic development, and field work in community building, contact Dan Harding, Director of the Community Research & Design Center (CRDC) and Design + CommunityBUILD certificate program (A+CB) for more information.

Architectural and Urban History, Theory, and Criticism. Visit our Faculty webpages to browse HTC faculty members’ backgrounds and research areas. 

The MS in Architecture is excellent preparation for the interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Planning, Design, and the Built Environment (PDBE), and may be well suited to US and international students seeking a research qualification to initiate an academic career, as well as others interested in pursuing a focused and individually determined plan of study and research.


Application Information

Since MS students work closely with a major advisor, the applicant must identify a potential advisor and discussed a research focus and possible plan of study with a faculty member in advance of their application.

Faculty members are limited in the number of MS students whom they can advise, so admission is limited and competitive. Apart from determining a major advisor for their research, admission is based on an applicant’s previous academic credentials, GRE scores, TOEFL scores (for international students), a design portfolio, and a clear and concise research agenda describing the applicant’s purpose and intent. 

After discussing a possible plan of study with a prospective advisor, apply to graduate studies at Clemson University through the application portal found on Clemson’s Graduate School’s Preparing to Apply webpage and click Apply Now

International students must have a high level of ability in understanding, communicating, and writing in English to succeed in the program. In preparation for writing research papers and a thesis in English, international applicants must demonstrate the ability to do so in TOEFL scores and/or other documentation. 

For more information about graduate studies at Clemson University, visit the Graduate School’s Admissions, Academic, and Financial policies webpages. For more information about the Master of Science in Architecture program, please contact graduate director Dr. Peter Laurence.

Required Documents

Applicants must submit prior degree transcripts, GRE scores, a portfolio, resume, and statement of purpose. International applicants must also submit a TOEFL score and are expected to have a high level of English language ability due to the research and writing expectations of this program. The application process is similar to applying to our M. Arch. program. Please visit our Graduate Admissions webpage at You will find answers to your questions and other frequently asked questions there. 


The availability of assistantships or research funds to support students depends on program budgets, faculty support needs, and student qualifications. General information about graduate assistantships and employment can be found on our Employment & Assistantships webpage. 


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