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Human Factors Psychology, once known as Engineering Psychology, is the study of human interaction with technological systems, ranging from hand tools to nuclear power plants and complex transportation systems. This emerging discipline applies basic research to existing technological problems.

The goal of Human Factors Psychology is the design of technological systems that are safe, productive, comfortable, and error-free. This is achieved by studying the capabilities and limitations of humans and by applying this knowledge in the design process.

The Human Factors program at Clemson University is accredited by the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society (HFES). Students in our program will benefit from research training in Clemson’s Psychology laboratories funded by state, federal and industry sources, including the Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health, the Federal Railroad Administration, and the Microsoft Corporation.


More information can be found in this graduate handbook.


Program of Study

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Application Information

To be admitted into the graduate program, you must have an undergraduate degree in psychology or 18 undergraduate hours in psychology or the equivalent. Note that courses in related but different fields, such as sociology, do not count toward the 18 hours. It is highly recommended that you have taken at least one course in statistics and at least one course in research methods in psychology.

Applicants may apply on the web at

Applicants should be received by January 15 for the following Fall semester. Every required item in support of the application must be on file by that date. January admissions are not permitted. In addition to the standard graduate application, prospective students will need to provide the following as part of the application packet:

  • Verbal, quantitative, and analytical GRE scores (the GRE Psychology Subject test isNOTrequired)
  • Transcripts from the applicant's undergraduate (and any graduate) institutions
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation (these do not have to be from college professors, and they don't have to be on Clemson's recommendation form; a letter describing your academic potential & characteristics will be fine).
  • A "Statement of Interest" (1-2 page letter describing why the student wants to go to graduate school in I-O or HF psychology). It is recommended that as part of the statement of interest, the student discuss his/her research interests and how those fit with the research interests of the department faculty.
  • A resume/academic-style vita is recommended, but not required.

Required Documents


The School or Program offers a number of graduate assistantships to students each year based on merit. These are offered in the form of stipends and the additional benefit of tuition remission. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester to qualify for a graduate assistantship and must work a minimum of 10 hours a week as a teaching or research assistant or perform other tasks assigned by the School or Program.


Program Contact(s)

  • Teresa Sharpe
  • Office: 417 Brackett Hall
  • Phone: (864) 656-3211
  • Email:

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