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Degrees Offered


The full-time and part-time MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree programs are located in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, about 45 minutes away from the main University campus. Clemson’s facility at 1 North Main Street places students in the heart of this vibrant community surrounded by businesses, restaurants, and beautiful green spaces that provide a perfect work-life balance. Downtown Greenville offers the urban ambiance and amenities to support educational programs geared toward working professionals, executives and adult students.

At Clemson, we recognize and respect that every student is a unique individual. Your dreams and aspirations are as personal and distinct as your own fingerprints.  We also believe that life is bigger than any classroom—jobs, family obligations, and other responsibilities deserve ample time and attention. And it’s important for people to have time to simply enjoy life.

Please contact our admissions director if you have further questions about our program.


More information can be found in this graduate handbook.


Program of Study

Are you a creative, energetic leader who would like to launch a business or spark new ideas in the workplace? The Clemson MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MBAe) is designed to help you bring your ideas to fruition, whether you want to start your own venture, innovate within your current company, or address societal needs via the not-for-profit sector. Students will gain the same essential business knowledge provided in the traditional program with added emphasis on elements that are particular to the needs of a start-up venture or new product launch including venture finance, intellectual property, and entrepreneurial strategy. Learn more about the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program on our website.

Full-Time MBAe

The Full-Time Clemson MBAe is designed for individuals who want to launch a start-up, owners of existing small businesses seeking to expand their entrepreneurial knowledge and recent graduates who have decided not to pursue initial careers in corporate settings. Full Time MBAe students move through all of the courses together as a cohort, allowing students to work together and learn from one another as well as from their instructors to create solid business strategies. Classes begin each June and finish the following May. Graduates leave the program with the foundation of their start-up firmly in place and many have successfully launched their companies prior to graduation.

Part-Time MBAe

The Part-Time Clemson MBAe is designed for working professionals who would like to innovate in their current position or create their own start-up. It is ideal for individuals who would like to maintain their career while earning their MBA. Classes begin each June and the program lasts for two full years and one summer. Courses are taught in a unique, blended delivery that consists of a combination of online coursework paired with two weekends per semester in person in Greenville. Research from the U.S. Department of Defense and the University of Tulsa shows that a combination of e-learning and face-to-face instruction is 26% more effective than either style of instruction alone (HR Magazine, August 2013). 

Dual graduate degree MBA/MS or MBA/PhD opportunities are available to interested and qualified students. Both the MBAe and a second graduate degree may be earned in approximately two and one-half years, if the second graduate degree is approximately 30 hours and classes are taken full time. Students have combined their MBA with a variety of other graduate degrees available at Clemson, such as computer science, tourism, bioengineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, construction science management, professional communication and marketing. Many other combinations are also possible.


Our new location strategically places college faculty and students at the center of the region’s most dynamic business location. The vibrant Greenville business community is a living laboratory for Clemson MBAe students. Both full-time and part-time students have opportunities to network with members of the business community in a variety of college-sponsored events, through the MBA Student Association and active participation in local professional organizations.

In addition to the MBA program, both Clemson’s Center for Corporate Learning and Greenville Regional Small Business Development Center are located in the ONE building. Both are exceptional resources to students, offering additional educational programs and specialized certificates at discounted rates.

Our Students

The Clemson MBA Program currently enrolls approximately 450 students. The full-time MBAe cohort has 20 students, and the part-time MBAe cohort has 30 students. The MBAe cohort includes recent college graduates and professionals with 20+ years of work experience in every field ranging from professional athletics and fine arts to successful entrepreneurs and company presidents.


Application Information

Part-Time MBAe applicants are required to have five years of work experience.

All MBAe applicants are required to answer three additional essay questions:

  1. Briefly describe a business idea and tell us why you picked this idea to work on. Do you have domain experience in this area? How do you know people need what you are creating/offering?
  2. What do you understand about your business that other individuals or companies just don’t get?
  3. Please tell us in one or two sentences about the most impressive thing other than this idea you have built or achieved.

Required Documents


The School or Program offers a number of graduate assistantships to students each year based on merit. These are offered in the form of stipends and the additional benefit of tuition remission. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester to qualify for a graduate assistantship and must work a minimum of 10 hours a week as a teaching or research assistant or perform other tasks assigned by the School or Program.


Program Contact(s)

  • Kristin Allen
  • Office: 1 North Main St, Greenville, SC 29601
  • Phone: (864) 656-8173
  • Email:

Program Coordinator(s)

  • Jane Layton
  • Office: 1 North Main St, Greenville, SC 29601
  • Phone: (864) 656-8175
  • Email: