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Bound copies

Does my department require a printed, bound copy of my thesis or dissertation?

Each graduate program has its own requirements for students to follow when ordering bound copies of their manuscripts. To see if your program requires bound copies, and to locate additional information, check the list below. If your program is listed, you must turn in a bound copy to your department and can follow ProQuest’s traditional guidelines. If there is an additional note listed by your program, contact the appropriate person to find out the additional requirements.

If you plan to order your bound copies from ProQuest, please make sure you place your order when you first submit. If you find you need to order a bound copy or copies after your ETD has been accepted or published, refer to the options in this informative PDF, Bound Copies of Your Clemson ETD.

An additional note: If you embargo your ETD, and have also placed an order for bound, printed book copies, please note that your bound copies will not be produced until after your embargo period has ended and ProQuest has digitally published your manuscript.

If your program is not listed below, you are not required to turn in a bound copy.

College of Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences

  • Applied Economics and Statistics
  • Entomology
  • Food Technology
  • Food, Nutrition & Culinary Science
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Biology

College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities

  • City and Regional Planning (Students must submit ONE BOUND COPY to the department. Copies should be purchased through the department's preferred vendor. Please contact Jacqueline Galbreath for more information.)
  • Landscape Architecture (Students must submit TWO BOUND COPIES to the department. Copies should be purchased through the department's preferred vendor. Students are also required to submit to the department four PDF copies of the thesis on DVD. Please contact Michelle Marchesse for instructions and more information.)
  • Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design
  • Writing, Rhetoric, and Media

College of Behavioral, Social & Health Sciences

  • Nursing
  • Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (Please contact Jeffrey Hallo for more information. Department requires one bound copy; advisors and committee member may request additional copies.)

College of Business

  • Applied Economics
  • Management

College of Education

  • Administration and Supervision
  • Counselor Education
  • Human Resource Development

College of Engineering, Computing & Applied Sciences

  • Civil Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering

College of Science

  • None

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Policy Studies

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