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Requesting an Embargo

ETD Embargoes (delays of publication)

For complete details about what an embargo is, when you should request one, and what a delay of publication can and cannot do, please read the Embargoes (delays of publication) topic in Submit chapter of the ETD Guidebook.

Here’s a quick summary of the way to request an embargo (delay of publication) for your thesis or dissertation. So that we are all in compliance with the Graduate School’s embargo policy, please have your advisor/committee chair send an email to Jill Bunch in the Grad School office, indicating the reason for the requested embargo as well as the length (a maximum of one year from the date of your graduation, which is renewable for a maximum of one additional year, with exceptions granted at the Dean of the Graduate School’s discretion). The embargo request will be forwarded to the Dean for official approval and you will be notified of the results.

When you create your ProQuest submission account, you’ll find fields for entering your embargo period and reason when you reach the ProQuest publishing options step — this ensures that we don’t release your dissertation prematurely. Also, you are encouraged to request (by emailing the Manuscript Office) that your embargo be lifted before its expiration date if it’s no longer needed.

An additional note: If you embargo your ETD, and have also placed an order for bound, printed book copies, please note that your bound copies will not be produced until after your embargo period has ended and ProQuest has digitally published your manuscript.