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You’ll also find this step in Your Clemson Thesis & Dissertation: Guidelines, Tips & Tools, as Step 6. Your manuscript submission process is complete — and you’re officially cleared for graduation! — when you’ve received an email from the sender, “Administrator of Clemson University,” that reads as follows:

Dear _________ ,

Congratulations. Your submission, _________ [number assigned to your ProQuest upload account,] has cleared all of the necessary formatting checks and will be delivered to UMI [ProQuest] after your official graduation date.

If your degree is a PhD, please take a few moments to be included in the National Survey of Earned Doctorates ( sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and others. Participation is voluntary but highly valued.


Manuscript Review Staff

Check the status of your submission, or access it anytime here:
My Dissertations/Theses List ( <your individual link will appear here> )

A last note: ProQuest “locks” your account to some types of changes after your ETD is accepted, but you will be able to view your ETD, metadata, and other account info using the My Dissertations/Theses List link in your acceptance message. If you do need to make a change after your ETD has been approved and you’re cleared to graduate, send an email to