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Direct link to the ProQuest ETD portal where you upload your file

Please Be Aware:

  • FEES: There are no longer any fees required to upload, publish, and archive your thesis or dissertation. Fees apply only to ordering printed, bound copies.

  • SUBMISSION AND REVIEW PROCESS: The entire process is completed through the web portal of the Graduate School's electronic publishing partner, ProQuest (formerly known as Proquest/UMI). While the Graduate School's Manuscript Review staff can do an informal review of your manuscript draft and offer feedback before you formally submit it, or prior to your defense if you wish, it's not necessary to send your completed paper directly to the Review office. Once you've uploaded your PDF file following the steps below, and clicked "submit," the Review staff receives an automated email that tells us your ETD is ready for review. We review through the same portal, and will notify you via email of your ETD's official acceptance, or of any revisions that may be required.

  • BOUND COPY ORDERS: The procedure for ordering bound print copies of your ETD – either before your submission has been accepted for publication or at any point after acceptance – is outlined below. Please note that if you have requested an embargo (delay of publication), no bound copies will be produced or delivered until after your embargo expires.

Before You Upload

Prior to uploading your manuscript, read the information below; doing so will save you time, money and potential confusion once you begin your submission. In particular, we encourage you to discuss with your advisor or committee chair and research sponsors whether a publication embargo (delay) may be prudent, or even required by a research sponsor. The time to have these conversations is WELL before your defense date so that you can investigate the policies in your field and, if necessary, talk to others about the situation. Prior discussion will ensure that you make crucial publication decisions before the time pressures of graduation start to weigh on you and your committee.

There are no required fees for uploading, digitally publishing and permanently archiving your manuscript. The only fees that apply are for any hard copies you order (for yourself or your department, etc.) and for requesting that ProQuest register your copyright.


Note that you own the copyright to your work whether it is registered by ProQuest or not, but there may be circumstances under which registering your work with the U.S. Copyright Office is desirable, even essential. If you're in doubt, consult with your advisor and committee members. Note that requesting that ProQuest file for copyrignt on your behalf does incur a fee. The ProQuest Resources & Guidelines webpage, under the section "Intellectual Property & Publishing Agreements, Guides & Policies," provides tips and references to help you decide whether or not to ask that ProQuest file for copyright, including a useful overview PDF, Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis: Ownership, Fair Use, and Your Rights and Responsibilities.

In addition to the information that the Graduate School provides below, you may find useful tools and links for this step in your thesis/dissertation submission process, plus answers to common questions, on ProQuest’s Resources & Guidelines page.

Publication Options

You will be given the two following options when you submit your manuscript:

  • Traditional
    This option will suit the needs of almost every student. Choosing this option prevents you from incurring an additional publication fee and allows you to receive royalties on copies of your work sold by ProQuest (as noted below). Clemson University Libraries will automatically provide open access to your document.

  • Open Access
    Since open access to your manuscript will be provided automatically, free of charge, by the Clemson University Libraries, paying ProQuest for open access is unnecessary and will cost an additional $95. We permit this, but do not recommend it.
Embargoes (delays of publication)

After selecting a publication option, you will be given an opportunity to select publishing restrictions (embargoes). Some conditions for requesting a delay of publication may include the following:

  • You are pursuing a patent (or plan to pursue one);
  • You’ve signed an agreement with a research sponsor that requires an embargo for a specified period of time;
  • You have contracted with another publisher who requires you to delay publishing your manuscript.

The Graduate School permits proprietary issue-based embargoes on student manuscripts of up to one year in length; however, your embargo must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. Contact the Manuscript Review Office at for information about the appropriate steps that you should take if you wish to pursue an embargo. The ProQuest site provides a PDF describing Delayed release and other publishing options. Please note that if you have requested an embargo, any bound copies that you order for yourself or for your department will not be produced or delivered until after your embargo expires.

You may also choose whether or not ProQuest will make your published manuscript accessible via internet search engines. The page Search Engines and Your Dissertation at the ProQuest website details this option.

Bound Copies
  • Requiring/Not Requiring Bound Copies
    The Graduate School no longer requires that you purchase any bound copies of your manuscript; however, your department may require that you do so. Check the list of departments to see if you are required to order a bound copy.

NOTE: if you decide to order additional bound copies of your work AFTER your submission and acceptance process is complete, you will need to do so from ProQuest; to place your order online via ProQuest and receive an author discount, click the "Order Copies" button on your submission details page. For additional ways to order dissertation hard copies, please visit ProQuest's Order a Dissertation page. Also please note that if you have requested an embargo (delay of publication), no bound copies will be produced or delivered until after your embargo expires.

  • Appearance of Bound Copies
    ProQuest offers several binding options. You can read about them here. If you want a bound copy that looks like the traditional bound copies in the Clemson Library, choose the "Milestone Edition." Unless your department requires bound copies, you can order copies when you upload, at any time after your ETD is accepted and published, or by mail after your graduation for the same price.

When you submit a manuscript on ProQuest, you give ProQuest non-exclusive rights to offer copies of that work for sale. Students selecting the traditional publishing option whose manuscripts are sold through ProQuest receive royalty payments of 10% on all sales.

Italics in Title (in ProQuest’s metadata fields)

If you need to italicize any text (such as foreign words, titles of other works, or scientific names) in your manuscript’s title or abstract when entering it into the appropriate fields on ProQuest’s Dissertation/Thesis details page, use HTML tags to do so. To use these tags, insert "<i>" in front of the word to be italicized and "</i>" after the word. Onscreen it will look like this: "The title of my manuscript has an <i>italic</i> word in it." The actual displayed text will look like this: "The title of my manuscript has an italic word in it."

The Uploading Process

Thank you for reading the above information thoroughly. If you are generally comfortable with computers and online transactions, you may start the upload process by completing the Graduate School's brief pre-submission survey (you'll only see this survey the first time you log on) and clicking "Submit" to go to the ProQuest Upload Site. On that page, click on "Submit my dissertation/thesis." Directions for each step are provided as you progress through the screens.

Direct link to the ProQuest ETD portal:

Waiting For Your Results

You will receive a results email from the Manuscript Review staff within approximately one to two business days, though it may take longer during peak submission times (i.e., close to the submission deadline for the semester of your graduation).

  • Accepted Manuscripts
    If your manuscript is approved, you have finished. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Manuscript Needing Revisions
    If revisions are required, you will need to make those revisions to your original manuscript file, convert the edited file to PDF, upload, and wait for a review response again. This process will be repeated until your manuscript is accepted.
    The REVISE link provides a list of some of the most common formatting revision requests and tips for how to make them. If you do not get an email from the Manuscript Review Office telling you your manuscript has been accepted or needs minor revisions, call or email us. Every student whose manuscript is approved gets an official approval email. Be aware that most manuscripts require AT LEAST one round of revisions. Also, your manuscript will not be approved until Enrolled Services has received your signed GS7 and updated your status in the database.
PhD Candidates ONLY

Please complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates.


Once your manuscript is accepted, you'll receive an email similar to what's described on the FINISHED page, and you have completed the process.

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