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Faculty Scholar Susan Chapman, Ph.D.< at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

Susan Chapman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
College Science

Contact: 864-650-1684 or schapm2@clemson.edu  

Who is Dr. Chapman?

Susan Chapman is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. Her research interests are focused around the mechanisms of development during early embryogenesis. Her current research focus is on finding drug candidates to treat Creatine Transporter Deficiency, an X-linked autism spectrum disorder. She has recently taught courses such as cell biology, developmental biology and embryology and is launching a new neurobiology course in 2015.

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How Dr. Chapman’s research is transforming health care

Susan’s lab is working to prevent birth defects by studying mechanisms of development in early embryos, including zebrafish, chicken and mouse. She has worked to better understand the developmental defects in newborns through the study of conductive hearing loss (FGF signaling) and caudal spine dysmorphogensis (Araucana rumpless phenotype). She is currently using zebrafish as a novel model organism to perform high throughput screening to efficiently identify drug hits that can then be quickly moved to mouse studies and phase I clinical trials.

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Health Research Expertise Keywords

Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Embryology, Genetics, Genomics, Morphogenesis, Organogenesis, Patterning.
Congenital Diseases studied including Hearing and Deafness, Spinal Dysmorphogenesis, X-linked Autism Spectrum Disorders.