Clinical Professors

 Sagar Gandhi, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Clemson University School of Health Research

Vascular Surgeon
Department of Vascular Surgery, Prisma Health–Upstate


Who is Dr. Gandhi?

Dr. Gandhi is currently a practicing vascular surgery at Prisma Health—Upstate. He has been in practice for 4 years treating a wide variety of arterial and venous pathologies. He completed his general surgery training in 2014 at the University of Tennessee and his vascular surgery training in Greenville, SC in 2016. He has been a principal investigator and investigator on multiple prospective studies for peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and he has also been a leading author on retrospective studies on outcomes in the PAD population. As an educator, Dr. Gandhi has given multiple lectures on PAD and its treatment locally to vascular and general surgery residents as well as the community, and to his colleagues at regional meetings and national meetings.

Dr. Gandhi’s most recent research study is a collaboration with Dr. Corey Kalbaugh in the Department of Public Health Sciences titled “The Use of Smartphone Technology to Supervise Exercise Therapy in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease." This study was awarded a Transformative Research Seed Grant of $19,550 by the Prisma Health Research Division. The project is currently underway and involves the monitoring treatment and progress of patients with peripheral arterial disease. Because of this collaborative effort, they have been able to develop and implement an efficient protocol as well as a reliable database.

For more information, see his Curriculum Vitae.

How Dr. Gandhi’s research is transforming health care

Dr. Gandhi’s research background has consisted mainly of clinical outcomes-based research. Most studies have been Quality Initiative (QI) projects or retrospective studies of previously treated patients. By analyzing the data, he has been able to improve outcomes in patient care, efficiently use healthcare resources as well as minimize costs. The prospective studies he participates in involve new devices or techniques to treat a broader patient population and improve patient outcomes.

Key Health Research Interest Areas

Peripheral arterial disease, Venous disease, Aortic aneurysm, Hemodialysis access, Carotid disease