Clinical Professors


Chelsea LeNoble

Assistant Professor, I/O Psychology
Department of Social Science and Economics
Worldwide Campus

Contact: 321-234-4733 or

Who is Dr. LeNoble?

Dr. Chelsea LeNoble is an assistant professor of Industrial Organizational Psychology at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide. She graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL with a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology in December of 2016. She then joined Clemson University’s Department of Psychology as a postdoctoral research fellow, where she served as an embedded scholar and research liaison with Prisma Health. Her primary role in this position was to support and expand collaborative research efforts between the two institutions, assisting with research projects relating to leadership and team development, employee engagement, and well-being and resilience in the workplace. Chelsea’s research interests include Occupational Health Psychology topics of leadership and team resilience and development as well as employee recovery from work demands.

How Dr. LeNoble’s research is transforming health care

As an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, it can sometimes be hard to explain what we do and why it matters for healthcare. So, part of how this work transforms healthcare is by integrating an important field and showing the physicians, nurses, administrators, and researchers of other fields how important organizational science is for improving healthcare management and delivery. More than that, though—this work is helping to bring awareness to issues of burnout and fatigue that are so problematic in healthcare right now. We’re working to understand what factors lead to the development of burnout over time so that we can help to mitigate it at all levels: building individual resilience, improving teams, and changing organizational systems so that we foster engagement and meaningful work instead.

Health Research Expertise Keywords

Resilience, teamwork, leadership, employee engagement, workplace well-being, burnout