Clinical Professors


Enrique Urrea Mendoza, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Clemson University School of Health Research

Advanced Clinical Research Associate
Neuroscience Associate, Prisma Health

Contact: 864-454-5076

Who is Dr. Mendoza?

Dr. Mendoza has 16 years of experience as a neurologist, and five years as a movement disorders specialist and clinical researcher. He has a strong research focus on movement disorders and technology– sensors and neuromodulation. At the James J. and Joan A. Gardner Family Center for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders at University of Cincinnati, he worked for two years on several research projects in DBS as well as Parkinson´s disease and movement disorders with immunological etiology.
He has been active in clinical research since completing the fellowship. He is now working in several investigator-initiated studies as PI, and has been Co-PI in several phase II and IV studies. He works as part of the movement disorders team at Neuroscience Associates at Prisma Health and is part of the multidisciplinary team in the Atypical Parkinsonism Clinic at Prisma Health. He is a member of the Parkinson’s Study Group (PSG) Mentoring Committee and the Huntington Study Group. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Latin-American Neuromodulation study group. With the University of South Carolina, he mentors medical students and residents in clinical research methodology. He’s also a faculty member in the School of Medicine teaching the Mind, Brain and Behavior module, and is also an instructor in the Prisma Health Medical Experience Academy (MEDEX).
With Clemson, he has collaborated on research activities in the areas of health innovation research & recreational therapy for Parkinson disease using yoga. As a result of these efforts, the team has published their findings in peer-reviewed journals, and have done posters presentations at national and international meetings. Additionally, with the
Department of Bioengineering, Dr. Mendoza has collaborated with the DEFINE program, and some research projects with the students.
For more information, see his Curriculum Vitae.

How Dr. Mendoza’s research is transforming health care

Dr. Mendoza is a researcher and educator in neurology, movement disorders and health care research, certificated in Clinical and Translational Research from Clemson University.
His research has focused in develop new clinical trials, and technology (Sensors and Neuromodulation) in movement disorders. His work involves improvement of quality of life for patients with movement disorders specially Parkinson’s Disease, and quality improvement in end-of-life care in atypical parkinsonism. The research conducted in Greenville presently focuses on how the brain in Parkinson’s disease response to music and how it can improve the gait avoiding falls. His most recent papers are: “Perceived Psychosocial Impacts of a Therapeutic Yoga Intervention for Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease,” and “Utilization of Rehabilitation Therapy Services in Parkinson’s disease in the United States.”

Key Health Research Interest Areas

Parkinson’s disease, parkinsonism, deep brain stimulation, gait, atypical parkinsonism