Clinical Professors

Thomas B. Pace, M.D.

Clinical Professor
Clemson University School of Health Research

Professor and Academic Vice Chair, Department of Orthopedics
Prisma Health–Upstate


Who is Dr. Pace?

Dr. Pace has practiced orthopedic surgery and biomaterials outcomes research in Greenville, South Carolina, and in coordination with Clemson University Bioengineering department as a fellowship trained board certified hip and knee replacement specialist since 1993. He currently serves as the chief of Clinical Services division and Integrated Practice of Medicine (IPM) module director. IPM focuses on teaching medical students the fundamentals of effectively communicating with patients, examining patients and learning to develop their diagnostics and procedural skills as well as the behavioral, social, and ethical and public health aspects of medicine in the first two years of medical school at University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville. Dr. Pace also serves as the Prisma Health-Upstate department of orthopedic vice chair of academics where he participates in and coordinates research-related activities of the department faculty.

For more information, see his Curriculum Vitae.

How Dr. Pace's research is transforming health care

One of the main on-gong projects Dr. Pace is working on relates to early detection of infection of orthopedic hardware in the human body. Earlier detection may prove to lessen the cost and suffering associated with infected orthopedic hardware.


News and media related to Dr. Pace's Research

Key Health Research Interest Areas

Accelerated medical school clinical experience in the early years; Reduction in hardware infection rates in orthopedic surgery using newer digital optical scanning technology; Effects of metal ions in orthopedic hip and knee arthroplasty osteolysis in the surrounding and remote tissue