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Stephanie Davis, PhD

Professor of Nursing, Director of Graduate Programs
School of Nursing
College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Contact: 864-656-2588 or stephad@clemson.edu

Who is Dr. Davis?

Stephanie Davis is a Professor in the School of Nursing and serves as the Director of Graduate Programs. She is a certified family nurse practitioner with a certificate in women’s studies. She maintains clinical practice in a weight management clinic. Her research interests include women’s health (quality of life with breast cancer, body image, sexuality, and social support) international health, health of rural and underserved populations, educational pedagogy, and weight management. 

For more information, see her College Profile.

How Dr. Davis’ research is transforming health care

Davis works to transform health care through: activities aimed at improving health outcomes for populations in rural/underserved areas regionally, nationally and globally; identifying and working to reduce barriers to access to healthcare; impacting outcomes of patients through student (future providers) education; serving on a state and international Board of Directors; and service to numerous professional organizations.   

News and media related to Dr. Davis’ research

Health Research Expertise Keywords

Quality of Life with Breast Cancer, Body Image, Sexuality, Social Support, Women's Health, International Health, Access to Care for Rural/Underserved Populations, Weight Management, Educational Pedagogy