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Faculty Scholar Scott Barkowski, Ph.D. at  Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

David M. Feliciano, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
College Science

Contact: 864-656-0435 or deflici@clemson.edu

Who is Dr. Feliciano?

David Feliciano is an assistant professor of Biological Sciences. He completed postdoctoral fellowships at Yale University in cellular and molecular physiology, neurosurgery, and neurobiology. His research interests are primarily cellular and molecular regulation of cerebrocortical development, neural stem cells, and extracellular vesicles. He also currently teaches Neurobiology.

For more about David, see his College Profile and Lab Website.

How Dr. Feliciano’s research is transforming health care

David is striving to understand how neural stem cells coordinate brain growth. Factors effecting brain growth have the potential to be leveraged in the development of therapeutic interventions for neurological disorders. His research is transforming health care by examining brain growth and other neurological processes that will help us further understand the etiology of neurological disorders, such as the epilepsy and autism spectrum disorders.

News and media related to Dr. Feliciano’s research

Study points to possible treatment for brain disorders, Media Relations 2013

Health Research Expertise Keywords

Cerebrocortical Development, Neural Stem Cells, Intercellular Transport of lnRNA and miRNA, Embryonic Development, Neurobiology