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Faculty Scholar Lawrence Fredendall, Ph.D.. at  Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

Lawrence Fredendall, Ph.D.

Trevillian Distinguished Professor
Department of Management
Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business
Contact: 864-656-2016 or flawren@clemson.edu

Who is Dr. Fredendall?

Lawrence Fredendall is a professor in the Department of Management. He has conducted extensive research on lean operations management, quality management systems, and health care systems. His scholarly interests include scheduling, interdepartmental coordination, implementing quality improvement, and using technology to improve quality and process flow in clinical and non-clinical departments.

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How Dr. Fredendall’s research is transforming health care

Fredendall has worked with multiple researchers at Clemson University, Prisma Health and MUSC to improve process flows in various healthcare processes. His research focuses on modeling processes to understand how management interventions to improve these processes can be created and sustained to provide safer care for patients.

Health Research Expertise Keywords

Management, Operations, Process Flow, Lean Operations, Quality Management Systems, Scheduling, Patient Flow