Faculty Scholars

Moonseong Heo

Moonseong Heo, Ph.D.

Department of Public Health Sciences
College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Contact: mheo@clemson.edu

Who is Dr. Heo?

Moonseong Heo is a professor of Public Health Sciences at Clemson University. He has long-standing collaborative research experiences in the multi-disciplinary research environments, which resulted in more than 210 peer-reviewed publication, not only in health research, but also in statistical methodologies. He served as a senior biostatistician for several NIH-funded research centers on obesity, geriatric mood disorder and AIDS research. In addition, he mentored numerous junior clinical investigators in biostatistical areas for their successful applications of career development awards. At Clemson University, he is actively involved in substance abuse research areas in the Addiction Research Center which has multiple projects funded by external and internal institutions, and leading a NIH-funded project on the group pregnancy care among low-SES women.

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How Dr. Heo’s research is transforming health care

Dr. Heo believes that transformation of health care cannot be made without research products that provide evidences on effectiveness or futility of treatments, interventions or practices at every level ranging from individual to societal level. The evidences almost always rely on data, small or big, depending on the context of clinical and other research questions. Furthermore, research evidences should also account for and satisfy interest of multiple layers of stakeholders including but not limited to patients, families, providers, payers, policy makers and administrators. Therefore, it is critical to design clinical or epidemiology studies and analyze data in such a way that the products must be reliable and applicable to real world problems. To this end, data collection, management and quality assurance process must be transparent and replicable. As a biostatistical collaborative researcher, his research focuses on rigorous design of trials and studies, and applications of most appropriate statistical methods to provide research evidences as indisputable as possible to move forward heath care in a transformative way.

Health Research Expertise Keywords

Clinical trial design and analysis, Statistical methods, Opioid use disorder, Infectious diseases, Obesity, Epidemiology