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Faculty Scholar Cheryl Ingram-Smith, Ph.D.< at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

Cheryl Ingram-Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Genetics and Biochemistry
College Science

Contact: 864-656-2376 or cheryli@clemson.edu

Who is Dr. Ingram-Smith?

Cheryl Ingram-Smith is an associate professor of genetics and biochemistry. She teaches courses in biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology. Her primary research interests include metabolism of eukaryotic pathogens during infection in a human host and enzymology of metabolic enzymes.

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How Dr. Ingram-Smith’s research is transforming health care

Ingram-Smith's research focus is on metabolic adaptation and morphological conversions in Entamoeba histolytica. This eukaryotic pathogen is the causative agent of ameobic dysentery and infects ~1 billion people annually resulting in an estimated 90 million cases of invasive disease and approximately 100,000 deaths. The Ingram-Smith lab is working to understand how E. histolytica adapts to and thrives in the nutrient-poor environment of the large intestine during colonization and how conversion to the infective cyst form is regulated.

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Health Research Expertise Keywords

Pathogens, Infectious Disease, Metabolism, Entamoeba, Amoebic Dysentery