Faculty Scholars


Jeryl Jones, Ph.D.

Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences

Contact: jerylj@clemson.edu | 864-656-2142


Who is Dr. Jones?

Jeryl Jones is a licensed veterinarian and board-certified veterinary radiologist with over 25 years of experience in research projects using a variety of animal species, predominantly companion and farm animals. She moved to Clemson in the spring of 2015 from West Virginia University’s Animal and Nutritional Sciences Division in Morgantown, WV. She completed her undergraduate degree in Pre-Professional Studies, Zoology from Clemson University. During her time at Clemson, she worked as a research assistant for several projects and developed an interest in research. She went on to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from the University of Georgia. Upon completing veterinary school, she worked in private veterinary practices in Syracuse, NY; Aiken, SC; and Barnwell, SC. After 7 years in private practice, she entered a residency program at Auburn University to become a board-certified veterinary radiologist (American College of Veterinary Radiology, https://acvr.org/). During her residency program, she rediscovered her interest in research and went on to earn a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biomedical Studies from Auburn University. Her primary research focus area is diagnostic imaging in natural and experimental animals. Diagnostic imaging techniques such as radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasonography are non-destructive methods for qualitatively and quantitatively characterizing internal structures and pathology in animals. Her laboratory team focuses on developing, validating, and applying these methods to help answer animal research questions. She has authored 74 journal publications.

For more information, see her department profile or her list of publications.

How Dr. Jones’ research is transforming health care

One of Dr. Jones’ current appointments is Director of the Pre-clinical Assessment Core (PAC) for the SC-TRIMH center. In this role, she applies One Health approaches to musculoskeletal health research. The missions of the PAC are to grow pre-clinical research capabilities at Clemson, provide turn-key support for pre-clinical research projects, and provide mentorship for translational researchers who are interested in using animal and/or human experimental models. The PAC is partnered with the following Clemson University and PRISMA Health research service centers:

  • Godley Snell Research Center
  • AVS Image Analysis Laboratory
  • Research Farm Services
  • Bioskills Surgical Training and Innovation Center

Health Research Expertise Keywords

Veterinary radiology, diagnostic imaging in experimental and natural animal models, One Health, biomedical publishing, lower back disease in working dogs