Faculty Scholars


Winifred Newman, Ph.D.

Mickel Professor of Architecture
Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs
Director, Institute for Intelligent Materials, Systems and Environments

College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Contact: elyssen@clemson.edu | 864-656-0377

Who is Newman?

Dr. Winifred Elysse Newman is the Mickel Professor of Architecture at Clemson University and the Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs. She also serves as Director of the Institute for Intelligent Materials, Systems and Environments (CU-iMSE), promoting digital and human-machine hybrid solutions as a paradigm shift in the design and occupation of the built environment with specific focus on aging populations and health.Dr. Newman concentrates on spatial perception in architecture, ecological psychology, and neuroaesthetics with active research in neuroscience and architecture, data visualization, mapping, STEM learning environments, and histories of technology and science. Dr. Newman is Executive Editor of the Journal for Technology, Architecture, and Design. Recent publications include Data Visualization for Design Thinking: Applied Mapping.

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How Dr. Newman’s research is transforming health care

Dr. Newman’s research focus concentrates on space perception in older adults and adults with neurological disorders, ecological psychology, neuroaesthetics with active research in neuromorphic architecture, mapping, data visualization, and STEM learning environments. Her previous successfully completed work includes quantitative and qualitative research in using advanced digital technologies in learning, a book on data visualization, applying advanced spatial analysis to problems in mobility in aging, and significant professional practice.

Health Research Expertise Keywords

Adaptive environments, tangible user interfaces, STEM learning,mixed reality environments, human-machine environments