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Faculty Scholar Scott Barkowski, Ph.D. at  Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

Yanzhang (Charlie) Wei, Ph.D.

Department of Biological Sciences
College Science

Contact: 864-656-7393 or ywei@clemson.edu

Who is Dr. Wei?

Yanzhang (Charlie) Wei is a Professor and the Associate Chair in the Department of Biological Sciences. His research interests focus on the development of novel anti-cancer immunotherapies, including, but not limited to: dendritic cell and natural killer cell mediated immunotherapy, mutant parasite mediate cancer therapy, cytokine based cancer gene therapy, natural product mediated cancer therapy, and novel approaches to targeted cancer therapy. His professional affiliates include the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Association for Cancer Research.

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How Dr. Wei’s research is transforming health care

Dr. Wei is developing novel therapies for cancer through the engagement of the immune system with the modern molecular and cellular biology approaches.

News and media related to Dr. Wei’s research

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Health Research Expertise Keywords

Cancer, Immunotherapy, Gene Therapy, Cell Biology