Healthy SC

Healthy SC: Population Health Extension at Clemson University

Healthy SC: Population Health Extension at Clemson University

On September 10, 2015, Clemson University hosted Healthy SC: Fulfilling Clemson’s Land Grant Mission, a population health extension summit. Experts in health extension from Texas A&M, Oregon State University, University of Kentucky, University of New Mexico, and University of Oklahoma, as well as leaders from Prisma Health–Upstate, visited Clemson to share their experiences and perspectives in launching community-based, preventative, population health extension programs.

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What is population health extension?

Historically, the United States has dedicated most of its health budget to medical services, rather than preventative measures that focus on the underlying causes of poor health conditions (such as health disparities, or low health literacy). Population health extension programs take a different approach, by working at the community level to prevent health problems before they require medical care. These programs—implemented through partnerships between universities, extension programs, and healthcare systems—can provide the outreach, community engagement, and educational initiatives necessary to both improve citizens’ health and cut healthcare costs.

Thank you to all of our panelists and participants, who made the summit a success!

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