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  • Clemson researcher Feng Ding recieved a National Science Foundation RAPID grant to develop a faster COVID test. Read more from FoxCarolina.
  • Clemson researchers Terri Bruce, Ken Marcus and Prisma Health clinician Larry Puls are working on a screening test for ovarian cancer. Watch to learn more from FoxCarolina.
  • Kerry Smith, the director of EPIC, an interdisciplinary research cooperative with a focus on biomedical research of eukaryotic pathogens, and CUSHR Faculty Scholar, received funding for five years to support his Medical Enrichment Through Opportunities in Research (MEnTOR) program. This is the first training grant at Clemson awarded by the NIH. Read more here from the Greenville Journal.
  • CUSHR faculty scholar Robin Kowalski was quotes in WalletHub's recent piece about the best and worst states at controlling bullying. Read more here.
  • CUSHR faculty scholars June Pilcher, Jeff Anker, William Haller, Adam Hoover, Robin Kowalski, Rajendra Bordia, Larry Hodges, Miriam Konkel, James McCubbin, Apparao Rao, Kerry Smith, Lesly Temesvari, Marek Urban and Narendra Vyavahare were among those who have received significant national and international recognition – Read more here.
  • Clemson University has been building its research prowess. For decades, Clemson has worked to become a top research institution. Read more here.  
  • SC-TRIMH Junior Investigator Hugo Sanabria was one of several Clemson University faculty members recognized by the Board of Trustees with an Award for Excellence. Read more here.