Embedded Scholarship

Embedded scholarship is a philosophical approach to transformative health research. Collaborative research occurs when clinicians and researchers have opportunities to work together, and their research is informed by the needs of the delivery system.

Clemson’s top-tier health research faculty members are integrating, or embedding, themselves within Prisma Health–Upstate to experience and understand health care problems and delivery. These scholars work with clinicians and health care leaders to develop, create and analyze transformative solutions to the problems in close partnership.

The embedded scholarship initiative includes both a competitive postdoctoral program and a Faculty Fellows program.

Faculty Fellows

Clemson University engages senior level faculty members in transforming health care through CUSHR Faculty Fellowships. The Fellows serve as leaders in collaborative health research between Clemson and Prisma Health–Upstate. Each Faculty Fellow is strategically embedded in a Prisma Health–Upstate department, shifting their focus from their regular teaching duties to developing a comprehensive research agenda with their embedded Prisma Health department.

As part of their fellowship, Faculty Fellows produce research to improve the health of the community with their clinical partners. Their research will also contribute to the rapidly expanding joint Clemson University and Prisma Health collaborative research agenda through publications and presentations.

The CUSHR Faculty Fellows program is a step forward in our commitment to health services research, and the University’s commitment to health innovation. Download the Faculty Fellow application for additional information.

Meet the Faculty Fellows:

In 2020, Marissa Shuffler, an associate professor in the Clemson University Department of Psychology, was selected as a Clemson University School of Health Research and Prisma Health–Upstate Faculty Fellow. Read more.

In 2019, Emil Alexov, a professor in the Clemson University Department of Physics and Astronomy, was selected as a Clemson University School of Health Research and Prisma Health–Upstate Faculty Fellow. Read more.

In 2018, Thomas Britt, who serves as Trevillian Distinguished Professor of Psychology in the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences, and Dev Arya, professor of bio-organic and medicinal chemistry in the College of Science were selected as Clemson University School of Health Research and Prisma Health–Upstate Faculty Fellows. Read more.

In 2017, Kristin Scott with the College of Business, Jeff Anker, with the College of Science and Goutam Koley, with the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, are the Clemson University School of Health Research (CUSHR) and Prisma Health–Upstate Faculty Fellows.

In 2016, Julia Sharp, a professor of mathematical sciences, was appointed a faculty fellow.

In 2015, Sarah Griffin, Ph.D., an associate professor in Clemson’s Department of Public Health Sciences, was appointed an embedded scholar at Prisma Health–Upstate.

Frances Kennedy, Ph.D., Professor and director of the School of Accountancy and Finance, and Joel Williams, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Public Health Sciences Department, were appointed the inaugural faculty fellows.

Embedded Scholars

Embedded research assistant professors and postdoctoral fellows are junior research faculty who integrate cutting-edge research methods and experience into Prisma Health–Upstate clinical departments. The postdoctoral fellows work with a Clemson faculty mentor and a Prisma Health clinical mentor to evaluate, analyze and create solutions to health care challenges.

The Embedded Postdoctoral Fellows each focus on a specific research area. They are:

  • Mirinda Gormley, Ph.D.

    Mirinda Gormley, PhD, MSPH, NRP, earned her doctoral degree in Epidemiology from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in 2020. She joined Clemson on Sept 28, 2020 (academic appointment in CU Public Health Sciences).   Mirinda has published papers in the areas of opioid abuse disorder, traumatic brain injury and emergency medical services. She will be working with Dr. Moonseong Heo, Dr. Alex Ewing, Dr. Alain Litwin, and other Prisma Health Clinical Faculty on diverse research projects. She will also be building a database for the Internal Medicine Clinic registry and clinical trial data. As a team member of the Addiction Research Center, she will be involved in analyzing data collected from large scale clinical trials such as the nationwide multi-site HERO (Hepatitis C Real Option) study for treating Hepatitis C among people who inject drugs.

  • Zachary Klinefelter, Ph.D.

    Zachary Klinefelter, PhD, will receive his doctoral degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Clemson University in December of 2020. He will start as a post-doctoral scholar on January 4, 2021 (academic appointment in CU Psychology).  Zach has published papers in the areas of the determinants of mental health treatment seeking in high risk occupations, military psychology, and organizational climate for reporting stress-related concerns. He will be working with Dr. Thomas Britt, Dr. Marissa Shuffler, Dr. Chip Wiper, and other Prisma Health clinical faculty to enhance research on health organization science and facilitate grant submissions in this area. Zach also has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and he will be investigating the use of machine learning to provide insights into the operation of teams and organizations within healthcare settings.

  • Past Embedded Scholars

     • Corey Kalbaugh, Post-Baccalaureate

     • Sharon Holder, Reasearch Assistant Professor

     • Joseph Singapogu, Research Assistant Professor

     • Robert Allen, Research Assistant Professor

     • Xi Pan, Post-Doctorate

     • Ransome Eke, Post-Doctorate

     • Talayeh Razzaghi, Post-Doctorate

     • Narges Hosseini, Post-Doctorate

     • Ali Hajiaghabozorgi, Post-Doctorate

     • Emily Heberlein, Post-Doctorate

     • Zac Conner, Post-Doctorate

     • Lauren Tyler, Post-Baccalaureate

     • Chelsea LeNoble, Post-Doctorate

     • Susan O'Hara, Post-Doctorate

     • Chris Wilson, Post-Doctorate

     • Dotan Shvorin, Post-Doctorate