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Inclusion and Equity

Strategic Inclusive Excellence Certificate Requirements


The Strategic Inclusive Excellence Certificate helps participants develop the skills needed to advance an inclusive environment and create a sense of belonging for all. Participants may take workshops to earn a certificate or individual workshops based on their needs and interests.

(Three-Semester Experience)

  • Semester 1: 101 Core Workshop and three Elective Workshops.
  • Semester 2: 201 Core Workshop, two Elective Workshops and one Elective Experience.
  • Semester 3: 301 Core Workshop, two Elective Experiences and Capstone Campus Action Project (Summer).

*Participants who began pursuing the certificate prior to Fall 2020 will be able to attain the certificate with previously stated requirements.
**All are welcome to participate in workshops (given capacity) even if not pursuing the certificate.

Elective Experiences

Examples: Division of Inclusion and Equity (Gantt Multicultural Center, interpersonal violence, Office of Access and Equity, accessibility) events; cultural awareness lectures/talks sponsored by departments, commissions and/or student organizations; President’s Forum on Inclusive Excellence; Men of Color National Summit; Women’s Roundtable; and more!

Elective experiences attendance will be captured by the attendee providing evidence of attendance and at least a one-half-page reflection of takeaways from the experience.

Contact for more information.

Division of Inclusion and Equity
Division of Inclusion and Equity | 223 Brackett Hall, Clemson, SC 29634