Student Assessment of Instructors

Clemson uses Course Evaluations and Surveys (EvaluationKit) by Watermark for student course evaluations. The guides listed below provide screenshots for the system. In addition, emails go out to faculty and students reminding them of the evaluation schedules. Note that main survey questions are changing summer 2023.

Information for Students
The course evaluation system is provided to allow students the opportunity to provide their faculty with constructive feedback regarding courses.

Student evaluation responses are anonymous. Students may contact the system administrator to reset an evaluation they completed in error if the evaluation term is still open. Once the evaluation period ends, changes cannot be made.

Prequel to Evaluations:
This updated Student Survey of Teaching form was developed following the Clemson University Faculty Manual requirement that this questionnaire shall meet "minimum requirements of current research-based practices for student rating of course experience." For student users, the purpose of this survey is to provide faculty with constructive feedback about their teaching practices. For faculty evaluators, student surveys shall be only one of the methods used to assess teaching effectiveness. Further information about the use of student surveys can be found in the Faculty Manual. As with previous versions of the survey, supplemental questions may be added by individual faculty and academic departments. This form is maintained by the Faculty Systems Administrator who can be reached at

Information for Faculty
Faculty Review of Courses
Faculty are encouraged to verify their courses in the evaluation system once it is open. This is especially important if there is a course change or if a faculty member is listed as the instructor of record for a course where an evaluation isn’t needed, such as if the faculty has a small percentage of instruction.

In general, evaluations are encouraged for all courses. Noncredit lab sections (course numbers ending in 1), and master’s and doctoral research hours (8910 and 9910) are traditionally not included in the survey but can be added on request.

Default Schedules
Evaluations are open to students based on a default schedule, but faculty can make changes to the schedule before courses launch. The default evaluation schedule does not include finals week. Faculty can extend evaluations into that week if they choose.

For fall and spring, the default is the final three weeks of the term. Per the faculty manual, evaluations must be open for the final two weeks of the course to allow students time to complete evaluations. For Minimester and half-term sessions, this timeframe is adjusted.

Default Schedule for Current Term

Evaluation results are released to faculty or administrators after the date to submit final grades. Minimester or half-term results may be released upon request after the official date to submit final grades for that portion of the term.

Course Evaluations for Teaching Assistants
There is a separate default question set for teaching assistant evaluations. Some departments provide lists of teaching assistants to set up evaluations. Faculty can also notify that they need an evaluation for their teaching assistant. The default TA questions can be found here.


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Adding Custom Questions

4-Minute Video tutorial on how to add custom questions

Changing Survey Times (Managing Courses)

Creating Mid-Term Evaluations

Video on Creating Mid-Term Evaluations

Reviewing and Downloading Results

Default Questions

More guides will be added as needed. If you have questions, email