Student Assessment of Instructors

In the spring of 2020, Clemson switched from the long-term, in-house built course evaluation system to a commercial product called EvaluationKit. In the Spring of 2020, because of the pivot to on-line in the middle of the term, course evaluations weren’t mandatory. Faculty had the option of using a short, six-question set of pandemic questions instead of the full set of questions.

The first semester using EvaluationKit for the full question set was summer 2020. We are using the traditional Clemson question set minus question 10, which the faculty senate decided to eliminate.

The guides listed below will provide screenshots for the system. In addition, emails will go out to faculty and students reminding them of the evaluation schedules. 

All evaluations are anonymous and results aren’t released until after final grades are submitted.

Click Here to Log-In to Evaluation Kit


Adding Custom Questions

4-Minute Video tutorial on how to add custom questions

Changing Survey Times (Managing Courses)

Creating Mid-Term Evaluations

Reviewing and Downloading Results

Default Questions

More guides will be added as needed. If you have questions, email