Brodie Cox

Plant and Environmental Sciences
Aiken, South Carolina

Feeding the world

Brodie Cox is here to fight the global food crisis. His plan was first to learn — and then to teach others — how to grow food safely and more effectively.

But a project with an elementary after-school program showed him a piece of his plan he didn't know was missing.

Brodie's Path

Love at first class

In my first semester at Clemson, in my first class and first lab — plant pathology — I just fell in love with agronomy. I could see this being a path that would inspire me, something that I would want to wake up every day and do.

Brodie and his classmates

A research opportunity

Summer after my sophomore year, I got an undergraduate research position in Extension professor Guido Schnabel's lab. We are studying fungi and its resistance to pesticides as well as different cultural growing practices.

Finding tranquility

Clemson has three lakes right by campus, and it's so great to be able to take my boat and dog out on the water. When I'm fishing, it's just tranquility and relaxation without any worries. And in the spring I compete on the intercollegiate level with the Clemson Bass Fishing Team.

Brodie receives an award

A different view

Being able to do lab and field research has been tremendous, and the opportunities I've had to work alongside such great professors is amazing. My professors — the ones I've done research with and the ones I've just had classes with — are so diverse and bring such different perspectives and views of hunger and agriculture from around the world.

Tiger Gardens

I was so focused on how to grow food so I could immediately affect change on world hunger — but then I signed up for this undergraduate research class called Tiger Gardens. And I learned there was a crucial component that I was missing.

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Defining   Moment

Ready for your first step?

Research opportunities in the field and in the lab enrich students' experiences and allow the chance to dive into things they never imagined would benefit their future goals.

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