Patrick Mispireta

Patrick Mispireta

Industrial Engineering
Greenville, South Carolina

Diversify Your Experience

Patrick Mispireta arrived on campus ready to prove his abilities as an engineering student in a rigorous degree program.

What he discovered is, yes, ambitious goals are important. But taking advantage of outside-the-box opportunities would push him farther than he ever imagined.

Patrick's Path

Close to home

Even though I’m from South Carolina, I didn’t grow up visiting Clemson. Still, it was always on my radar because of its academic reputation. And — as a first-generation college student — I love that I can attend a top national public university without leaving the state or being far from family.

Mentee to mentor

No one gets through college alone. My first year I was paired with an awesome mentor in the PEER/WISE program, which supports underrepresented students pursuing STEM fields. Now I’m the familiar face encouraging freshmen to take classes together and study in groups. I also facilitate educational events for middle and high school students (they learn coding by using alpha and beta brain waves to move robots).

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Patrick Mispireta

Salsa time

Founding the Latin Dance Club and a Latino fraternity were unexpected endeavors that have created fun, meaningful spaces for minorities to find community. The Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers is another organization where I’ve been challenged to take a leadership role and built exciting career connections.

Adventures in Singapore

Little did I know when signing up for a Creative Inquiry course that my team’s research would qualify me to receive a scholarship from the National Science Foundation to study abroad in Singapore. International travel gave me the confidence to set up my engineering co-op rotations in three different states so that I could continue to experience new environments.

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Patrick Mispireta

Real-world Lessons

Co-ops and internships allow you to work under a professional in your field of study. Most importantly, they help you figure out what you actually want to do after graduation. Immersion in the workplace inspired me to change my major from chemical engineering to industrial engineering, where I could translate my problem-solving skills into hands-on solutions.

Defining   Moment

Ready for your first step?

Clemson offers a welcoming and inclusive environment where empowered individuals unite to make a positive impact on our world. We believe an outstanding education requires engaging with unique perspectives — because when people of diverse backgrounds come together, they expand the horizons for us all.

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