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As previously announced, Adobe Connect was retired on June 30, 2021. Access to all recordings and files stored on Adobe Connect have also been removed.

Please use Zoom or WebEx moving forward.

If you have questions, email

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Adobe® Connect™ was Clemson University's supported web conferencing application that provides the delivery of real-time course lectures and meetings. Clemson University is now retiring Adobe Connect and encouraging the use of Zoom and WebEx instead. Starting August 15, 2020, new Adobe Connect meetings will not be able to be created, but previous Adobe Connect recordings will remain available until July 1, 2021. Click the button below for information on how you can preserve your recordings after July 1, 2021. The migration process is a bit time consuming, so PLEASE do not wait until June 30th to start working on this. Clemson Online and CCIT are prepared to provide instructional and technical (i.e. troubleshooting) assistance. We do not have any bulk migration capabilities.

Migrate Adobe Connect Recordings

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Test your computer to make sure that your computer meets the hardware and software requirements for participating in an Adobe® Connect™ meeting.  Review the Technical Specifications for Adobe Connect to see a list of supported operating systems and web browsers.

New Adobe Connect Meeting App

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Information on  Adobe Connect Meeting Application

Adobe Connect Mobile App

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Information on  Adobe Connect for Mobile

Review the Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting FAQs and the Acrobat Connect Pro User Community for assistance with frequently asked questions.

Looking for WebEx? Go to the WebEx page.