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Ensemble Studio

What Is Ensemble Studio?

Ensemble studio provides easy, automated lecture recording in classrooms, meeting rooms, labs, courtrooms and medical training rooms. Ensemble Studio enables lecture capture so your users can present and teach comfortably, free from technology worries. Presenters can be confident that everything they say and display is captured in Ensemble Video and auto-published to their publishing destination. Use scheduled capture or ad hoc capture for recording class lectures in college auditoriums, classrooms or training facilities.

Is There A Cost Associated with Ensemble Studio?

At this time there is no cost associated with Ensemble accounts unless additional storage space is requested.

How Do I Get an Ensemble Account?

If you'd like to use Ensemble Studio to record your lectures and have them available via Ensemble Video, contact to set up an account. You can also schedule a demo or request a trial anytime.

How Do I Use Ensemble Studio?

Do We Offer Instructor-Led Training for Ensemble Studio?

Yes. Clemson Online currently offers instructor-led training for employees. Please view our training calendar to register for these available classes.  For one on one training email

System Requirements

Ensemble is a web based system. Most web browsers will work with Ensemble including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Visit Ensemble Video Player Browser Support for detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

For information about frequently asked questions and common issues, visit Ensemble Video's FAQ page.

Additional Resources

  • Learn more about Ensemble Studio Lecture Capture by watching this webinar.