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Our ProgramTransforming the Institution through Gender Equity, Retention and Support, is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded innovative and systematic institutional transformation approach to reduce gender inequity and all forms of social injustice, and provide opportunities for all faculty, both men and women to advance their careers and enjoy work/life balance as members of Clemson University. The Clemson TIGERS Advance program is the result of a comprehensive institutional assessment of the barriers that hinder the recruitment, advancement and retention of Clemson’s women and other underrepresented minority faculty; a thorough assessment of Clemson’s history, culture and climate; an extensive review of lessons learned from other ADVANCE institutions around the country; and the tight integration of social science research with project activities to inform and support institutional transformation.

Get Involved

Interested in getting involved with TIGERS Advance? We are always looking for dedicated faculty to get involved in making Clemson University a more equitable place for all! See below for some of our upcoming events:

  • TIGERS Advocate, Male Faculty Training Session- September 22nd or October 19th  
  • Trailblazers, Faculty Leadership Development Program, is recruiting for 2021-2022 cohort 

Additional information about how to get involved can be found by clicking on each program’s link or by contacting us at

Our Mission: TIGERS Advance Clemson is committed to building ONE CLEMSON, where all members of the Clemson Family are respected, valued and work together to bring the many voices, talents, and experiences that a diverse group of students, staff, and faculty can lend to the challenges of our time. We are committed to bringing all voices to the forefront of Clemson’s mission to be among our Nation’s leaders in diversity and inclusion efforts that support ALL members of our institution and create a learning and working environment that values and respects every voice, provides a safe and inclusive work environment, provides family-friendly policies and enables every member of our institution to achieve their full potential and contribute to Clemson’s collective success.

Our Message in Response to Covid-19: Our Nation, our University, and we as individuals are experiencing a world where fear for our health, uncertainty about the future, and just getting through the next day, have brought untold stress and suffering to all of us. Covid-19 is a real danger to our lives, our work environments, and the balance between family and career, particularly for women. In addition, the social injustices that this pandemic has exposed as a result of systematic inequities in access to health care, economic security, and the value of human lives must be addressed in inclusive and thoughtful ways with all voices at the table.

Our Message in Response to Racial Injustice: TIGERS Advance is dedicated to building ONE CLEMSON, a community that is diverse, respectful and inclusive of all of its members. It is time for change. As we all express our solidarity and contemplate our role in the fight for racial justice, we must resist the narrative that absolves us, both as individuals and as institutions, of our role in the persistent oppression of Black people by decrying a “racism” defined solely by individual prejudice or hate. Rather, we must define the racism that killed George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others for what it really is: systemic racism. Achieving equality will require more than denouncing hate; rather, it will require all of us to work together to transform the systems that exclude others, particularly people of color, from the privileges that many in the White community take for granted. As members of the Clemson Family, we all need to engage in the work of confronting and educating ourselves about the history of race in this country and in the institutions to which we belong (see CU Professor and scholar, Dr. Rhondda Thomas’s work, and to acknowledge that many of us continue to benefit from legal, political, educational, and economic systems that were created to intentionally oppress and leave out people of color, especially those of African and indigenous descent. 

To that end, we at TIGERS Advance are committed to transformation through educating the Clemson Family about racial prejudice and offering guidance and best practices aimed at reducing systemic bias through our own programming and through partnerships with the Division of Inclusion and Equity and the Harvey and Lucinda Gantt Multicultural Center.

To our friends and family of color in the Clemson Family who are hurting, we value you, we support you, and we are committed to fighting racism in all its forms alongside you.

Our Programs: TIGERS Advance offers programs and initiatives aimed at making Equity a Clemson Family Value by promoting equity and inclusion: 

  • Pathfinder Program, which supports recruitment of women and minority faculty
  • Pathway Program, which enables mentorship of historically underrepresented scholars for future faculty positions in their department
  • Trailblazers, a cohort-based leadership training program that focuses on developing equitable leadership skills
  • TIGER Advocates, which trains men of Clemson to address implicit gender bias and other forms of inequity
  • TIGERS Time and Towards Equitable Workloads, which aims to mitigate biases in workload allocation and performance reviews
  • Working groups for policy changes that identify important issues and roadblocks to promoting equity to develop best practices


Share Your Story

The TIGERS Advance team would like to hear about your experiences with gender inequity and gender bias at Clemson University. We are primarily inviting personal accounts of experiences with faculty and staff that would help us better understand the organizational history, culture, and climate surrounding gender inequity at Clemson. With your permission, we may also use your experiences to develop case studies for Tiger Advocates workshops. Your responses will be anonymous. You can contact Dr. Heidi Zinzow at or Dr. Caitlin Dyckman at to arrange an interview with a member of the Advocate Advisory Board (a tenured, woman professor, and member of the Advance initiative) if you prefer.

To tell us about your experiences, please use the following link:





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