Implementation Strategy 2019-2020

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GOAL 1: Transforming the Culture And Improving the Campus Climate

Key Activities
  • Raise Awareness and Reduce Bias: Help faculty and staff understand the causes and impact of biases in the workplace.
  • TIGER Advocates: Annually recruit and train a cohort of 40 faculty men to recognize micro-and macro-level biases and to intervene when they occur. Expand cohorts to include women faculty in year two.

GOAL 2: Increase the Representation of Women In STEM Disciplines

Key Activities
  • Pathfinder Program: Bolster the recruitment of women and minority faculty while in the final 2 years of their doctoral/postdoctoral studies to T/TT positions. Include a diversity advocate on search committees, and continually assess interview experiences for accepted and declined offers.
  • Pathway Program: Expand Clemson’s cluster hiring by developing a 2-year Provost’s Research Fellows Program, to be filled by women/minority women.
  • Retention Through Relationship Building: Implement extensive retention efforts that examine tenure-track women faculty’s work/life balance, and establish a university-wide “NetWorkshop” of women faculty for support in the development and advancement of women faculty.

GOAL 3: Ensure Equitable Workload Distribution

Key Activities
  • TIGERS Time: Develop processes that increase women faculty’s awareness of their actual time expenditures and constraints, while also helping them track their time allocations.
  • Towards Equitable Workloads: Provide Department Chairs with implicit bias awareness and reduction workshops that include strategies to mitigate biases in workload allocation and in performance reviews.

GOAL 4: Enhance Faculty Mentoring and Leadership Development

Key Activities
  • Establish a pipeline mechanism for improving representation of women and minority faculty in institutional leadership roles, and develop leaders committed to improving the status of under-represented scholars.
  • Trailblazers: Provide cohort-based leadership training to each academic department, focusing on the unique challenges of STEM disciplines.
  • Working Groups For Policy Changes: Convene faculty groups in each college to identify important issues/potential roadblocks to promoting gender equity, and identify best practices.
  • Distinguished Speaker Series: Support career development for early and mid-career STEM faculty by inviting nationally recognized scholars to Clemson to interact with junior faculty through networking opportunities (campus talks, guest lecture a class, research collaborations, career mentoring, etc.).

GOAL 5:Implement Family-Friendly Policies

Key Activities
  • Family Support and Accommodation Plan: Continue to work with the Faculty Senate to establish a Modified Duty Family Support Policy. The intent is to enable faculty members to remain active and productive full-time members of the University during critical life transitions.
  • Dual-Career Family Hiring: Aligned with Goal 2’s Relationship Building and Goal 4’s Policy Changes, the ADVANCE Team will identify and develop dual-career hiring policies through working groups of stakeholders.