Goal 1: Transform the Culture and Improve the Campus Climate

The purpose of this goal is to help individuals recognize the negative effects that biases and stereotypes can have and implement policies and procedures that will help reduce biases.

To further increase awareness at the institutional level and to measure progress, communication professor Joe Mazer and his team will track the social media statements made by the Clemson community (i.e., racist/sexist tweets/Facebook comments) and assign a weekly “Inclusiveness Index,” which will be part of campus-wide multimedia displays. Mazer is the director of the University’s Social Media Listening Center, which captures in real-time more than 650 million sources of social media conversations (including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, online communities and mainstream news outlets) and has the ability to identify conversations that are associated with Clemson University. The collected data and the Inclusiveness Index will be conveyed with graphics showing volume, sentiment, share of voice and trend information in cloud-based videos displayed in campus buildings.


Dr. Rosopa (Psychology) will lead initiatives related to implicit bias, including collection and analysis of data. Dr. Zagenczyk (Management) will lead the research on organizational behavior and construct surveys to assess identity and other organizational behavior related concepts. Dr. Melissa Vogel (Sociology and Anthropology) will lead the TIGER Advocates activity and work closely with Dr. Roger Green and colleagues at North Dakota State University who will provide training for TIGER Advocates