Towards Equitable Workloads

The purpose of this goal is to increase the fairness of workload distributions by conducting implicit bias training with department chairs who are tasked with executing institutional workload allocation policies.

One mechanism producing gender gaps may be the implicit biases of department chairs charged with enacting institutional policies for workload allocation. Research consistently indicates that men academics are evaluated by selection committees and peers as more accomplished than women with identical qualifications. Consistent with implicit biases, women tend to be associated with the caretaking and nurturing attributes more associated with teaching and service and men with the scientific aptitude more associated with research. Thus, by allocating workloads according to the resulting gendered assessments of competencies, department chairs may systematically assign workloads inequitably in ways that disadvantage women faculty. With this in mind, department chairs will participate in implicit bias awareness and reduction workshops organized at the college level. These workshops will emphasize the pervasiveness of implicit bias, implicit bias in the workplace, and strategies to mitigate the effects of bias with a specific focus on time use and institutional policies for workload allocation and performance reviews, which highlights how implicit biases may differentially shape the assignment and evaluation of faculty time use. TIGERS ADVANCE will coordinate with the Office of Inclusion and Equity to deliver training workshops.

For more information please contact the program lead: Dr. Patrick Rosopa