Goal 5: Implement Family-Friendly Policies

An important goal for sustainability is to improve existing policies and procedures to better support recruitment and retention of women faculty members as well as to provide flexibility to permit faculty to continue to engage in research during critical life transitions.

Life role values — which shape social and personal identity — are related to work−family conflict. Women faculty generally bear more responsibility for family matters and household chores than do men faculty, especially during critical life transitions. Furthermore, spousal hire is more critical for women than men, as women tend to have academic partners more frequently than do men. Clemson’s remoteness from an urban center or another large high or very high research institution is a deterrent to many dual-career couples.


As associate provost, Dr. Ellen Granberg will lead and oversee efforts at creating effective policies related to modified duty family support and dual-career hiring. Dr. Granberg will be assisted by the project coordinator as well as faculty senate leaders Matthew Powers (School of Planning, Development, Preservation, and Landscape Architecture) and Mary Beth Kurz (Industrial Engineering).