Goal 2: Increase the Representation of Women in STEM Disciplines

The purpose of this goal is to improve the diversity of Clemson’s STEM departments by linking excellence and diversity as shared values and ensuring that diversity is central to decision-making processes.

Guided by a research project helmed by parks, recreation and tourism management professor Denise Anderson that examines how tenure-track women faculty balance work, family and leisure, a University-wide informal “NetWorkshop” of women faculty (see Goal 4) will be established through a campus listserv that will allow faculty to communicate more effectively about concerns related to childcare, healthcare, job opportunities and other relevant areas. Anderson will also schedule brown-bag lunch gatherings to develop relationships that could help support both career development and advancement of women faculty. In addition, the HR professional in co-principal investigator Ellen Granberg’s office will institute exit interviews to document the reasons why women faculty depart from Clemson.


Provost Jones and associate provost, Dr. Ellen Granberg will oversee the Pathway Program activities and provide the needed institutional support for the hiring of minority women faculty into the Provost’s Fellow positions. Dr. Delphine Dean (Bioengineering) will lead the Pathfinder activities by forming a team of faculty on campus who are trained in and dedicated for identifying talented minority women doctoral students who are ideal candidates to be recruited by Clemson upon graduation. The activities related to internal networking and relationship building among Clemson faculty will be led by Dr. Anderson (Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management).