The TIGERS Time initiative will allow faculty to track their time allocations through the completion of time diaries, increasing their awareness of their actual time expenditures and the contexts which may be constraining and facilitating their time use.  Participants will keep time diaries on randomly selected days beginning in the Fall semester and continuing for one year (including the summer). All faculty members are invited to participate, with female STEM faculty, minority men, and members of dual-career couples particularly encouraged to participate. TIGERS Time will also leverage Clemson’s membership with the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, providing participants access to webinars and workshops on time management for career success.

The TIGERS Time initiative strives to facilitate career success by (1) increasing individual agency through greater awareness of time use and (2) identifying the institutional contexts that both facilitate and constrain individual time use. The time diary data will be further merged with information on implicit biases gained through other TIGERS ADVANCE initiatives and institutional workload data for a comprehensive assessment of the accuracy, efficacy, equitability, and impact of existing workload assignment and tracking mechanisms.

For more information please contact the program lead: Dr. Sarah Winslow