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TIGER Advocates

  • Academics at Clemson University, Clemson SC
  • Faculty at Clemson University, Clemson SC
  • Faculty at Clemson University, Clemson SC
  • Faculty at Clemson University, Clemson SC

Do you want to make Clemson a more welcoming, inclusive, and supportive workplace for all faculty? Become a Tiger Advocate!

Mission Statement

The Tiger Advocates is a community of Clemson men who support the vision of the TIGERS ADVANCE Project, in principle and through action. Our primary goal is to unlock the potential residing in all faculty at Clemson University by fostering and encouraging a more inclusive community via engagement with the men of Clemson to address existing gender bias and ingrained inequities.

How you can get involved:

Part of the NSF-funded ADVANCE initiative, Tiger Advocates is a newly-forming group of faculty interested in supporting equality in their departments, colleges and throughout the university.  Advocates are expected to be active and effective proponents of gender diversity and equality specifically in terms of increasing the number of women and underrepresented faculty, encouraging the hiring for and promotion of women and underrepresented faculty into administrative positions, and ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of all faculty within their academic units.

Advocates will be mentored on issues like covert bias, institutional bias, and institutional climate. All are welcome to apply, but Advocates may need to speak out, challenge departmental, college, or university culture, and/or question administrators.

The initial advocate training is 2 hours and will provide trainees with the tools to recognize and combat micro-aggressions in their daily work life. No specific additional time commitment is required. For those with a desire to expand their involvement with the Advocates training, Senior Advocate positions will be available for those who are interested in taking on the role of training future groups of Advocates.

If you or someone you know would be a great TIGER Advocate, please spread the word and fill out registration form here for a training opportunity on Friday November 16th, 2018 from 1-3pm in 538 Edwards Hall. In a brief session you will learn the basics of how to recognize micro- and macro-level biases and be empowered to intervene when such bias occurs.

  • Advocates
    • Amy Lawton-Rauh
      Angela Carter
      Burak Eksioglu
      Charles Chancellor
      Charles Starkey
      Cynthia Sims
      Dale Layfield
      Denise Anderson
      Fred Switzer
      Hala Nassar
      Harrison Pinckney
      James Morris
      Jeremy Mercuri
      Julia Brumaghim
      Kay Cooksey
      Kevin Finneran
      Kristine Vernon
      Lori Dickes

    • Margaret Ptacek
      Matt Brownlee
      Matt Turnbull
      Melinda Harman
      Melissa Vogel
      Michael Childress
      Nicole Martinez
      Nishanth Tharayil
      Nona Woolbright
      Patrick Warren
      Paula Agudelo
      Rachel Getman
      Saara DeWalt
      Sez Atamturktur
      Steve Creager
      Tony Penna
      Wayne Sarasua

  • Senior Advocates

    Harry Kurtz
    Lead Senior Advocate

    Murali Sitaraman
    Thomas Britt
    Mark Schlautman
    Josh Summers

  • Advocate Advisory Board

    Heidi Zinzow
    Advocate Advisory Board Coodinator

    Martine LaBerge
    Jean Bertrand
    Caitlin Dyckman
    Julie Northcutt
    Mary Beth Kurz

For more information please contact the program lead: Dr. Melissa Vogel