Tiger Advance Team Governance

Download Organization Chart for the TIGERS Advance Governance.

The proposed management plan is organized around the TIGERS ADVANCE Steering Committee that coordinates the implementation teams assembled to achieve the proposed five goals, communication team, the evaluation team as well as social science research team. The Steering Committee will be responsible for project launch, implementation, research, communication, evaluation, and sustainability.

The Steering Committee involves Institutional leadership, Robert Jones, executive vice president for academic affairs/provost and James Clements, president as well as TIGERS ADVANCE leadership including the Director, Margaret Ptacek who will be assisted by program coordinator, Paige Thomsen and Past Director, Denise Anderson.  The TIGERS ADVANCE is a 2-year term-limited position to provide leadership opportunities for more women faculty at Clemson. Once the 2-year term is over, the director steps down to serve as the Past-director for two more years. The past-director, director and director-elect all serve as part of the steering committee. The steering committee meets monthly.

The Steering Committee works closely with and is part of the Leadership Team which involves all the leads from the implementation team, the entire communication team, the entire evaluation team and the entire social science research team. The Leadership Team (excluding the institutional leaders) meets once a month (first Friday of every month).  

The Social Science Research Team involves two social scientists (Drs. Sarah Winslow and Patrick Rosopa) and along with their graduate student who are responsible for the research project described in the supplemental social science document. The team meets weekly.

The Communication Team involves Dr. Erin Ash and lteam leadership. The communication team works closely with a communication advisory board, which includes Dept of Communication; Tina White, Senior Video Producer, Broadcast Productions; Jacob Barker, University Relations; Matt Bundrick, University Relations, Website development; Carol Usher, University Relations, Website development.

The Evaluation Team involves Dr. Mark Small

The Implementation Team will be composed of a series of sub-teams formed to undertake each of the proposed initiatives.

Internal Advisory Board

Because the Executive Team will be intricately involved with the implementation of TIGERS ADVANCE programs, a separate internal advisory board consisting of a group of highly respected STEM faculty with academic expertise and demonstrated commitment to women’s issues will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of activities, resolving issues and keeping track of progress. Dr. Tami Eitle (Sociology and Anthropology) and Dr. Marian Kennedy (Materials Science and Engineering) will form an Internal Advisory Board of Faculty that represent a cross section of STEM women faculty who can provide institutional perspective. The internal advisory board of faculty will meet once a semester.

In addition, an Internal Advisory Board of Administrators involving the leaders of colleges, Anand Gramopadhye (dean of COES), George R. Askew, Jr. (dean of CAFLS), Brett Wright (dean of CHEHD), Richard E. Goodstein (dean of CAAH), George J. Petersen (dean of Education), and Robert McCormick (dean of CBBS) as well as department chairs be formed. Provost’s office holds a chairs/deans meeting every semester. During these meetings, the Internal Advisory Board of Administrators will be provided updates regarding the initiatives undertaken by the ADVANCE team, the resources that are available to the administrators and will be asked to provide input and feedback to the ADVANCE team. The Internal Advisory Board of Administrators will be responsible for institutionalizing the proposed changes in Clemson’s recruitment strategies.

External Advisory Board

An external advisory board will bring first-hand experience in establishing, maintaining, and evaluating programs aimed at gender equity in higher education. Members include Kerry Ann O’Meara, Ph.D. (University of Maryland); Melissa Latimer, Ph.D. (West Virginia University); Jessi Smith, Ph.D. (Montana State University) Mary Frank Fox, Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Technology); Catherine White Berheide, Ph.D. (Skidmore College); Laura Kramer, Ph.D. (Laura Kramer Consulting); Caroline Turner, Ph.D. (Sacramento State University); and Canan Bilen-Green, Ph.D. (North Dakota State University). This group will meet annually on the Clemson campus (a remote participation option will be provided) to review progress and offer experience-based advice on meeting unanticipated challenges. The TIGERS  ADVANCE director has been consulting with the External Advisory Board on numerous aspects of the TIGERS advanceproject. The director will serve as the point of contact for the external advisory board.