Trailblazers 2018 Cohort

We are pleased to announce the 2018-2019 cohort of Trailblazers: Provost’s Mentoring Initiative for Faculty. This initiative will provide experiential leadership training that will focus on the unique challenges of leadership in higher education and STEM disciplines in particular. Trailblazers will establish mentoring programs in their departments and/or colleges.

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences

  • Catherine DiBenedetto, Agricultural Sciences
  • Patrick Hiesl, Forestry and Environmental Conservation
  • Dara Park, Plant and Environmental Sciences

College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities

  • Shima Clarke, Construction Science and Management
  • Edyta Kuzian, Philosophy & Religion
  • Linda Li-Bleuel, Performing Arts
  • Kathy Nixon, English

College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

  • Erin Ash, Parks, Recreation and Tourism
  • Andrew Pyle, Communication
  • Brandon Turner, Political Science

College of EducationCollege of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

  • Renee Cottle, Bioengineering
  • Sandra Duni Eksioglu, Industrial Engineering
  • Marian Kennedy, Materials Science
  • Srikanth Pilla, Automotive Engineering
  • Prasad Rangaraju, Civil Engineering
  • Vladimir Reukov, Bioengineering
  • Sophie Wang, Mechanical Engineering
  • Pingshan Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Science

  • Dev Arya, Chemistry
  • Ellen Breazel, Mathematical Sciences
  • Julia Brumaghim, Chemistry
  • Michael Childress, Biological Sciences
  • Elena Dimitrova, Mathematical Sciences
  • Lea Jenkins, Mathematical Sciences
  • Miriam Konkel, Genetics and Biochemistry
  • Meredith Morris, Genetics and Biochemistry
  • Debra Ragland, Genetics and Biochemistry
  • Barbara Speziale, Biological Sciences

University Libraries

  • Renna Redd, Librarian