Program Description, Goals and Schedule of Activities

The Trailblazers: Provost’s Mentoring Initiative for Faculty will assist pre-tenure and tenured faculty in developing their abilities to transform organizations by serving as advocates and champions of gender equity in higher education; preparing them to lead initiatives at Clemson University and other organizations (professional associations/government); and, equipping them with the tools necessary to establish faculty mentoring programs within their departments and colleges. Pacesetters, a sub group of Trailblazers, will be prepared to move into formal and informal leadership roles in higher education and other organizations.

Donn Dean and Cynthia Simpson, Association for Women In Science, who facilitated the mentoring Relationship workshop for the Trailblazers on September 22, 2017 at Clemson University, Clemson. SC

  • Goals

    At the end of the program, Trailblazers will be able to:

    • Recognize bias, raise awareness and cultivate a campus climate and institutional culture which supports gender equity.
      • Participate in and expand upon Tiger Advocates training
    • Increase the recruitment and retention of women and minorities
      • Support and deliver mentoring, coaching and sponsorship activities for women, minorities and others within their departments and colleges
      • Support the Pathfinder program  and learn techniques  to serve as diversity advocates during candidate searches for their departments and others
    • Advocate for work life balance and equitable work load distribution
    • Recognize when to use different leadership styles and how others perceive their leadership styles
      • Leadership Theories explored: Transformational, Servant, Women and Diversity,
    • Champion family friendly policies
      • Knowledge and communication of policies which support families
      • Advocate support of modified duty policy as appropriate