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climate-smart grown in sc
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Climate-Smart Commodities

About the Project

The two land-grant institutions of South Carolina, Clemson University and SC State University, have partnered on a pilot project funded by the USDA-NRCS Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities. For the purposes of the award opportunity, a 'climate-smart commodity' is defined as an agricultural commodity that is produced using agricultural (farming, ranching, or forestry) practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or sequester carbon. The goal of this project is to increase the acreage and number of farmers using climate-smart practices like cover cropping, prescribed grazing, reduced tillage, and other conservation tactics. This project will provide technical assistance and financial incentives to farmers to enable adoption of these climate-smart practices and employ marketing specialists to analyze new market opportunities for the resulting products and help create new opportunities for the agricultural community across the state. The initial pilot of this project will focus on production of peanuts, leafy greens, forages for beef cattle, and forest products.

Program Announcements

As part of this program, SC State Extension and Clemson Extension will provide all training and technical assistance. It is not necessary to pay for outside consultants to participate. The Climate-Smart Grown in SC program does not endorse any external consultants.

Participation agreements for leafy greens, peanuts, and forages will be sent to farmer in early June. Please look for those in your email or postal mail. Participation agreements must be returned to our office prior to official enrollment. Please see communication for instructions.

The Forages in Beef Program has reached capacity; the deadline to participate in other 2023 Climate-Smart Programs will be extended until program capacity is reached.

Next Steps to Participate

Visit the link below to fill out an interest form.

Interest Form
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Quick Contact

Want more information? Please provide your preferred contact info and our Implementation Coordinator will reach out to you.

Incentivized Commodities



Kelly Flynn
Implementation Coordinator

Incentive Payments

Tammy Morton
Incentives Coordinator

General Information

Kari Buck
Project Manager