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P: 864-656-3434

Campus Location

O-110 Martin Hall


Monday - Friday:
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Computational Mathematics

Advanced work in all areas of science and technology relies critically on computation. Computational mathematics involves the design and analysis of mathematical models for various problems and the construction of algorithms which efficiently and accurately compute solutions. A concentration area in computational mathematics includes courses in digital modeling, continuous and discrete simulation, and numerical analysis.

The goal of the program is to offer depth in the area of concentration and breadth in the other mathematical sciences, with special emphasis on courses that will provide tools for innovative approaches to computer applications in industry. The first course in digital models is an introductory, but fundamental, course concerned with the construction of models for various problem types and the study of the structure of problem solving. The course in scientific computing, also a basic course, includes the study of some of the most frequently used mathematical algorithms in scientific problems. Students can specialize in computational problems which primarily lend themselves to discrete or to continuous mathematical models. Advanced courses in discrete and continuous simulation are available.


Faculty involved with computational mathematics include:

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Qingshan Chen
Associate Professor