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Financial Aid

TAs with Jeff Anker

All students in our PhD Program are supported on either teaching (TA) or research assistantships (RA) during the full course of their studies. Students in the first year of study are normally supported as teaching assistants in undergraduate laboratory sections. Research assistantships are often available to support students working on funded research projects. Students in the MS Program typically join the program with their own funding (contract from a company, military, etc.) but may receive financial assistance from the department under specific circumstances.


Department and University fellowships that can supplement the stipend for well-qualified applicants are also available. Students who are not native English speakers must pass a locally administered spoken English exam (the VEST) before being certified to teach laboratory sections. It is expected that such students will pass the test by the end of the first year of study.


For current information on graduate tuition and fees, visit the Clemson University Revenue and Receivables website.