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Center for Human Genetics

Clemson University’s Center for Human Genetics will officially open on July 1 and will be dedicated to advancing knowledge of the fundamental principles by which genetic and environmental factors determine and predict both healthy traits and susceptibility to disease. The Center for Human Genetics, which is part of the College of Science, is housed in Self Regional Hall, a 17,000-square-foot building that opened in February 2017. The sparkling facility is nestled within the sprawling campus of the Greenwood (S.C.) Genetic Center, which has a long history of clinical and research excellence in the field of medical genetics and caring for families impacted by genetic disease and birth defects.

Trudy Mackay, director of the Center for Human Genetics


Renowned scientist named director of Center for Human Genetics

Clemson University has further enhanced its standing as a pioneer in the field of human genomics by hiring a renowned scientist to lead the way. Groundbreaking geneticist Trudy Mackay has been named director of Clemson’s Center for Human Genetics and has been tasked with building a team of researchers whose goal will be to significantly advance our understanding of genetic disorders.


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