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Student Affairs Student Advisory Board

The Student Affairs Student Advisory Board is a group of approximately 30 students composed of representatives from freshmen through graduate students reflecting the diversity of the Clemson student body. This Board is responsible for communicating thoughts, ideas, and concerns to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Division of Student Affairs administration. The primary purpose of this group is to make suggestions on ways to increase student learning and improve student life at Clemson. The Board meets at least monthly with Student Affairs administrators as well as other top University officials to discuss various issues related to both the University and the city. The meetings are hosted by the Vice President for Student Affairs who requests input, opinions, and recommendations from the variety of student members who express different aspects of student interest. Student Affairs Student Advisory Board members are well-informed on issues at the University, and they are expected to share this information with other students before and after meetings to gauge and convey campus-wide student opinion. These students also represent and serve the University in various other capacities as requested by Student Affairs.

Brian Trainer batrain@clemson.edu Economics Junior
Callie Harlan charlan@g.clemson.edu Biological Science Freshman
QuiAnne' Holmes qholmes@g.clemson.edu Student Affairs Graduate
Robert Curran rcurran@g.clemson.edu Business Management Sophomore
Chesney Thomas chesnet@g.clemson.edu Early Childhood Education Senior
Victoria DeBrock vdebroc@clemson.edu Genetics Freshman
Jack Crocker jdcrock@clemson.edu Computer Science Freshman
Barbara Dinkins bdinkin@clemson.edu Elementary Education Senior
Kayleigh Pitts kmpitts@clemson.edu Marketing Sophomore
Josh Strickland jstric6@clemson.edu Marketing Junior
Matt Kiernan mdkiera@clemson.edu Economics Junior
Celena Webb ccwebb@clemson.edu Anthropology Sophomore
Yarhiel Santa ysanta@clemson.edu Psychology Senior
Lucy Stevens lmsteve@clemson.edu Biology Senior
Clint Walker clinto7@g.clemson.edu Industrial Engineering Senior
Jess Schnorr jschnor@clemson.edu Language and International Trade Senior
Kane Waterbury pwaterb@clemson.edu Marketing Sophomore
Abby Martin alm4@g.clemson.edu Health Science Junior
Ankit Dalal ankitd@g.clemson.edu Mechanical Engineering Graduate
David Gundana dgundan@clemson.edu Mechanical Engineering Senior
Connor McCormick ctmccor@g.clemson.edu Chemical Engineering Junior
Elizabeth Lawson epl@clemson.edu Genetics Sophomore
Saavon Smalls ssmalls@g.clemson.edu English Senior
Ava Nixon arnixon@clemson.edu Theatre Freshman
Madeline Cordell mlcorde@clemson.edu Mechanical Engineering Senior
John Gressette jgresse@clemson.edu Business Management Freshman
Gunnar Branham tgbranh@g.clemson.edu Microbiology Senior
Tracy Grate Jr. tgrate@g.clemson.edu Political Science Senior
Mary Romano mkroman@clemson.edu Psychology Junior
Jon Aldinger jalding@clemson.edu Bioscience Senior
Mitchell Pennington mdpenni@clemson.edu Finance Senior
Emily Kuhn erkuhn@clemson.edu Management Senior
Ryan James rjames6@clemson.edu Engineering Freshman
Christian Barksdale clbarks@clemson.edu Bioscience Freshman
Kate Hodges khodge2@clemson.edu Criminal Justice Freshman