Main Campus Special Events Review Board


The Main Campus Special Events Review Board (SERB) serves as the initial review for meetings and events that will include 50 or more participants. Refer to the Clemson University Health & Safety Directives for Meetings & Events.

The Board is made up of representatives from key University areas as follows:

  • Campus Reservations & Events
  • Clemson University Fire Department
  • Clemson University Police Department
  • Emergency Management
  • University Medical Consultant
  • University Facilities

When deemed necessary, additional area experts may be consulted in order to make fully informed decisions.

Location Considerations

  1. INDOOR: When hosting an event in a location that is also used for academic instruction, the protocols in place for classes must be followed (ie: occupancy numbers, distancing, seating plans)
  2. OUTDOOR: Outdoor events may only be held in locations that can viably be managed and monitored which includes but is not limited to the presence of a perimeter, formal entry/exit points, and clear identification of standing/sitting locations for each participant.

NOTE: The Amphitheater does not meet the expectations outline above, and therefore will not available for use until further notice.

Process & Timeframe

  1. A University unit, department, affiliated entity or registered student organization planning to host a meeting or event at an owned, leased or managed property of Clemson University that will include 50 or more participants must complete and submit a COVID-19 Special Event Request Form. The link is included below.
  2. Generally, it is recommended that a request is submitted at least one month prior to the desired event date. Please be aware of any additional steps, deadlines and/or processes that may be required and plan accordingly (ie: additional permitting, certification, approval, etc.).
  3. A detailed description of the proposed meeting or event as well as a fully developed safety plan is required which must include:
    • why the event should take place in person
    • explanation of informing participants of safety expectations and the role
    • plan for counting attendees and following occupancy requirements
    • plan for enforcing expectations
    • inclement weather plan (for outside events)
  4. An initial response will be received within 1 week of the submission of the request. This communication may include a request for additional information or schedule a time to meet with the Main Campus SERB.

To start the process, continue to the Special Event Review Board COVID-19 Application.

Please direct questions to: