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Frequently Asked Questions about CU-GARS

Please take a moment to review the list of questions that we have received from applicants primarily related to the Graduate Assistant Recruitment and Selection weekend. If you have a questions that does not appear to be answered below, you should email DeOnte Brown at deonteb@clemson.edu.

Application Process

  • CU-GARS is specifically for students in the Master of Education in Student Affairs program through the College of Education. If department is unsuccessful in identifying a candidate through CU-GARS, they may offer their assistantship to students in other graduate programs.

  • You may email DeOnte Brown at deonteb@clemson.edu in April to learn if there are departments still in need of a Graduate Assistant.

  • No, you must submit applications to the graduate program and graduate assistantship process by January 15.

  • The only exception would be students admitted to the program in spring semester that have full-time positions at a college or university. These students do not participate in CU-GARS.

Interview Weekend

  • We anticipate notifying applicants the first week in February if they have been invited the interview weekend.

Yes, you must be present at CU-GARS to interview for an assistantship. Should you need to discuss extenuating circumstances, contact DeOnte Brown at deonteb@clemson.edu. In the event positions remain open after the On-Campus Interview Days, phone or Skype interview may be conducted.

Applicants invited to CU-GARS will receive detailed information via email related to accommodations. We typically assist visiting applicants with finding lodging with a current graduate student and also offer shuttles from select airports.

Notifications for assistantship offers could begin as early as the Monday following the interview weekend.

Students who do not receive an offer for a Graduate Assistant position will not be eligible to enroll in the Student Affairs masters program. Your admission to this program will not be confirmed with the Graduate School.

Employment as a Graduate Assistant

Yes. All students in the Master of Education in Student Affairs program are required to have an assistantship (unless you are employed full-time at a college or university).

Upon the recommendation of the faculty, Student Affairs applicants are invited to attend CU-GARS which is our interview weekend for Graduate Assistantships. You will be able to identify departments you are interested in interviewing with on Friday of the weekend. After interview you will rank your preferences and the departments will also rank their preferences.

You should direct all questions related to assistantships to DeOnte Brown at deonteb@clemson.edu. During our CU-GARS weekend, you will ample time to meet informally and formally with the supervisors and representatives of the departments. Additionally, the CU-GARS committee will periodically provide opportunities for you to submit questions and learn more about the experience via our social media.

The hours for assistantship will vary by department; however, graduate assistants can expect to work between 20-28 hours each week. Also, your daily work schedule will vary based upon your department.

Graduate Assistantships are intended as two-year appointments. The second year is renewed so long as assistantship requirements have been satisfactorily met.

The exact start date of an assistantship varies, with start dates beginning in early May through mid-August.

Your classes will typically start at 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. with the exception of a seminar course during your first semester which occurs midday. Your supervisors will not schedule you to work during your class time.

Everyone has a different assistantship (in one way or another) and graduate students bring their experiences from the assistantships to class, and from class they bring new approaches to their assistantship. Consider the student development theory, assessment and legal course - these are critical topics in students affairs, academic affairs and higher education. the insights and topics related to theories and issues discussed directly relate to the work as student affairs graduate assistants.