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Click the Gear icon in the title bar of the Request Time Off widget and select Pop-out to activate the widget. Click the drop-down arrow in the Type field and select the type of time off you are requesting. Enter the dates your time request begins and ends in the Start date and End date fields. Click the Calendar icon to select the date from a calendar Enter the Start Time and Length in the appropriate fields and click Submit.

No, after employees’ timecards have been approved and a sign off has been done, a request for an historical edit must be submitted to the Payroll Department for any edits to be made to an employee’s timecard.


Click on BUYWAY$ at the top. Sign in. Then click on punch out $PAYMENT REQUEST. Enter the name of the vendor to see if they are in BUYWAYS.

Your analyst will have to run a query and send it to you.

Yes! However, you cannot enter your p-card online. You must take your p-card to the Rental office and pay in person. The preferred method of payment is still Direct Bill back to your office.


To retrieve your HR pin number please send in a help desk ticket to CCIT, http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/help_support/

To get your last name changed in the HR system you will need to take your new social security card that reflects your new name to the main Human Resource department located at the Administrative Services Building (ASB).


Baseline is the official tool for all Division of Student Affairs surveys. Using Baseline instead of other survey platforms (Survey Monkey, Google Forms, etc.) is critical for storing all data in single place with known security protocols. This provides better access to survey results for staff, and increases protection for data collected from students, staff, and faculty.

Contact Kristin Walker-Donnelly to set up training for individuals or groups large or small.