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Be an Ambassador

2019 Orientation Ambassadors

Orientation Ambassadors are students who are well-respected, academically successful leaders on campus. These students are chosen based upon their current and potential academic, interpersonal and leadership qualities. The team is selected each fall and participates in the subsequent summer orientation sessions.

Orientation is the process of assisting new students through the transition necessary for a successful college experience. Clemson University Orientation Ambassadors facilitate this process by providing new students, parents and guests with an introduction to campus and its resources. Clemson University's retention rate is a driving factor for our services, and it all begins before students even start their classes.

Learn more by visiting the Orientation Ambassador website - IT ALL STARTS HERE!

Application Process

Applications are open September 9 - October 1, 2019. Offers are extended before winter break.

Three-part application:

Mandatory Training Sessions and Programs

If selected as an Orientation Ambassador, the Ambassador must be available for ALL training sessions and participate in the following conferences, programs and activities.


For more information contact Glenn Spurlin in Student Transitions and Family Programs at 864-656-0515 or gspurli@clemson.edu.